Day of Victory

Day of Victory

Fight on Land, Sea or Air - A spiritual Battlefield 1942 successor with up to 300 Players.


When is Day of Victory released?
We currently have no set release date.

What is the current development status?
We have spent the majority of 2020 working as a team on our custom netcode and clustering technology. We achieved great success with our technology and are now starting to build the actual game around it.

Which gamemodes are supported??
Conquest, the original Battlefield gamemode. Frontline, a variation of Day of Defeat as well as Team-Deathmatch and Deathmatch. All gamemodes support varios payernumbers and Maps can scale with the number of Players selected (like in Battlefield 2).

300 Players? Really?
Yes! Right now we have polished the netcode to work flawlessly with 150 Players simultaniously and 300 Players are running with minor lag spikes. We are very confident we can reach 300 Players with our technology

Will there be destruction?
Buildings and other objects will be (partly) destroyable the landscape will not deform.

Theaters of war?
We start with Normandy, D-Day. We will extand the game to the eastern front, africa and pacific with free expansion packs.

Is this a military simulation and is it historically accurate?
Day of Victory is an Action FPS in the style of Battlefield 1942 and so no military simulation. It is as hostorically accurate as gameplay allows. Soldiers will wear authentic uniforms and you won't see japanese or russian weapons in normandy. For the sake of gameplay we will adjust weapon and vehicle appeareances slightly. You'll probably see a Tiger Tank in a battle in which actually never a Tiger Tank served, thats it.

What Engine is used to power Day of Victory?
Unreal Engine 4, but we will update to Unreal Engine 5 soon.

Who is developing Day of Victory??
We call ourself simply Day of Victory Dev Team. We are a group of industry veterans all around the globe working remotly on our dream project.

Why are there no screenshots or videos available?
We have spent the most part of 2020 on building up backend technology. There is a working game framework but it's all grey cubes and very abstract. We want to show actuall gameplay as a first impression.

Then why do you announce Day of Victory right now?
A Multiplayer game needs a community and we need you. We will publically share ideas, informations and we are listening to your requests and ideas. Simply, we want to talk to you!

Which patforms Day of Victory is releasing on?
Day of Victory will be available on all major pattforms, PC is the lead development platform.

Why are there no screenshots or videos available?
We have build the technology backend over the last month, we start actuall gamedevelopment now, and we want to collact ideas and feedback as early as possible. All currently available is code and some grey boxes.